Sorry, Charlie

Family relationships can be murder.


Charles Evans was a Merchant Marine who traveled all over the world. One of the stops in his travels was the East Coast where he started Tuna fishing. His company, Chicken of the Ocean, grew into a Fortune 500 business. Charlie died a month ago and his will states that his fortune will be divided among his relatives with one stipulation; they must attend one last party to celebrate Charlie’s life. Anyone who doesn’t come, won’t inherit.
All of the in-laws and “out-laws” have gathered to claim their share – but one of them has unearthed some interesting facts about the “family”. Will he or she live to tell about them?

Let’s Meet the Neighbors

Foxmore – a friendly subdivision – which also houses secrets!


The subdivision, Foxmore, is finally complete and the developers are holding a celebration with the new residents. Link Canlogue, the top salesman at Foxmore, has a penchant for convincing customers to relocate in this new sub-division and also for convincing contractors to join him in some shady deals. Maybe one of the newly developed plots will house more than a home.

Who Stole Mrs. Claus’s Gingerbread Recipe?

Christmas is the time for “giving” not “taking”


Mrs. Claus is in a dither. She can’t find her gingerbread recipe anywhere, its Christmas time, and she has a lot of baking to do. There is the League of Bakers contest to be entered, and gingerbread houses to make. But it’s hard to remember where she put the recipe because she’s been under attack lately; from the reindeer, from U.G.G.G. (Union of the Greater Good of Gingerbread men –and women), from Candy Cane, one of Santa’s elves, and even from Dr. Blizzard, Santa’s Doctorm, and even Santa. Will she solve the mystery and find her recipe in time for the holidays?

Yo Ho Ho And A Bottle Of Rum

In 1710 eight pirates met to discuss collaboration in plundering and pillaging the Caribbean for their loot. They sealed their pledge to work together by burying a large treasure of their combined booty. But it seems there is no honor among thieves as one of the pirates discovers the treasure has been relocated by another of the eight.

Help him on his quest for the buried treasure.

And if ye be part of the theft – remember, Dead Men Tell No Tales!

Murder Under The Big Top

Circus people are known for being one big family. But even the closest families harbor secrets along with jealousy, fear and revenge. One of them will protect his secret at all costs. “Spine chilling attractions” may have a new meaning.


Devil in Disguise

Rod Hardcore has been working as an Elvis Impersonator for 3 years. Rod fancies himself a “Hunka, Hunka Burning Love”, but ticket sales show otherwise.

He’s gotta come up with doing something other than being a “Guitar Man” to net himself a “Little Bit of Green”, well, actually, a lot of Green.

He has written a soon to be published book about Elvis but ‘Suspicious Minds” doubt its credibility. And the contents have many people “All Shook Up”. It seems Rod may be in for some “T-R-O-U-B-L-E”.

In fact, at least one of them thinks “He Has To Go”!

Murder and All That Jazz

Prohibition time, flappers, bathtub gin, possible gangsters.


Max Goldbergstein is president of Goldbergstein Studios in Hollywish. Tonight Max is giving a party to celebrate his signing the book rights of Gone to Eternity with the Streetcar Named Ben Hur, and there will be many celebrities showing up at Max’s house, both welcome and unwelcome, most with agendas of their own.
You’ll need a password or you’ll have to bribe your way past the doorman. Inside you’ll find a star studded cast, including wannabe stars, and has-beens, along with personnel from Goldbergstein Pictures, and family members. Don’t turn you back on anyone because at this party murder is not just a screen fantasy.

Death to the Italian and the Frogs

An engagement party gone wrong


Francine Foster-Foxworthy, a noted Frog Scientist, and her sister Kiki Foxworthy-Foster have competed with each other all their lives. Now Francine has landed a prospective husband and single Kiki is throwing a party for the engaged couple. But Kiki has been a thorn in her sister’s love life before and Francine is worried. Will sis come between her and her love?

Give Me An “M” for Murder

March Madness Basketball, (or Fall Football)
Cheerleaders, School pep rally


Muffy Bushwinder is the Cameron Tech head cheerleader - with a talent that surpasses the basketball floor. She knows what she wants and how to get it. She goes with the Crawdad’s star forward, Donnie Dunk, she wins cheerleader competitions right and left, and has even managed to get good enough grades to be ready to graduate this year. But she has made many enemies along the way.
Tonight, join the Crawdad’s supporters at a pep rally to send their team off to its first time ever NCAA tournament appearance. But beware; among the cheers and signs and celebration lurks someone who wants Muffy to “hit the court”.

Who Stole Santa’s Toys?

A Christmas Mystery – can also be used to collect toys for needy


Santa is making a guest appearance at the party. His workshop at the North Pole is falling behind on toy production and he’s accepting help from the party goers to assure he has enough gifts for all of the children. But during the party/dinner, someone has the audacity to take Santa’s toys. What Scrooge could have done this and how will Santa get the toys back?


Halloween Mystery


Granddaddy just passed and generously left a nice inheritance for some of his friends. But do they all warrant their good fortune? Three Grandchildren use their “special” psychic skills to make sure all the newly rich beneficiaries deserve their gift.

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